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Better quality service for your buyers, fewer costs for you!

When you make a sale in a different country, the buyer has to pay customs duties and higher shipping costs. In the event of a return, why allow the buyer to send that product back to your home country? You end up paying customs duties and taxes twice!
Introducing Maxpho Return Service. If the buyer decides to return, we’ll keep your product in our warehouse until another buyer purchases that product again.

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The seller can use this service regardless of any other service. Sellers can easily handle returns in the following countries: the United States (via Maxpho Inc. New York) and Italy (via Maxpho S.r.l. Milan).

Receiving goods and storage

When a package arrives in our office, we’re notified by an automatic email. We then check the package and make a quality check. It should contain a sheet with a QR code that details who the seller is (if it is not present within the QR code, the running time could stretch up to 72 hours). Once we identify the seller, we send an email with a status update and a photo of the sender’s information (usually within 24-48 hours). It is subsequently removed from the box and stored in our warehouse.


Within six months, the seller may ask for packing in order to get ready for the courier (Courier shipments must be booked by the seller). The shipment must be requested via email within one business day (no later than 3pm EST) specifying:

  1. The name of the courier picking up the object
  2. The date of withdrawal
  3. Any attached documents that should be applied on the package

We are not responsible for any damage to parcels or objects and do not deal with disputes with buyers. If the item is damaged, it can be sent to the address you indicated, or we can destroy it at no additional cost.

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