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It doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with Companies (B2B) or Consumers (B2C)… Maxpho has a solution for every part of your business.

Maxpho 1 #B2B

Maxpho 1 provides businesses the tools they need to stop stressing and start selling. We offer products designed to reduce the amount of time lost to organizational work and increase the amount of time selling. With our services you will optimize your business with an easy to use management software, while saving time receiving leads through our proprietary lead generation software.

Activities Management

Everything you need to manage your team in one place. Organized, neat, and simple. This software allows for easy access to meetings, phone calls, and task assignment. All one click buttons to help you convert leads more efficiently.

Learn more about Activities Management

Lead Lifecycle Management

Software that’s designed for ease of use, to help you get back to business. Quickly add and customize your leads in a simple and efficient way. No more clicking through a ton of complicated menus to manage your leads, one click edit and save.

Learn more about Lead Lifecycle Management

Lead Generation

Find the right prospects quickly with Maxpho. With customizable filters we can find your ideal clients and conveniently import new leads for you every month. Along with a steady stream of new opportunities, you can seamlessly log and manage sales activity. Assign new leads to sales staff to keep the whole team organized.

Learn more about Lead Generation

Maxpho Commerce #B2C

Our services improve your sales, minimize your efforts, increase conversions on your website and, most importantly, optimize your chances of reaching a public that grows more and more every day! We're not just a software company, but we also provide several services that you can get in a bundle.

Multi-Channel integration

Start managing your products and orders simultaneously across marketplaces, eCommerce websites and price comparisons. With Maxpho Commerce’s technology, you’ll be able to manage all products and orders from just one web application:

Learn more about Multi-Channel integration 

eCommerce Full-Service

With our Full-Service eCommerce Solution, the seller does not have to worry about anything. All online sales and distribution are fully managed by Maxpho in the countries and on the channels chosen by the seller.

Learn more about eCommerce Full-Service

Return Storage Service

In the event of a return, why allow the buyer to send that product back to your home country? You end up paying customs duties and taxes twice! With this service, we’ll keep your product in our warehouse until another buyer purchases that product again.

Learn more about Return Service